About RHE-NET (AS51044) — now in its 5th year!

RHE-NET (AS51044) is a network operated by rhe (Kazuki Yamaguchi).

Network NameRHE-NET
AS Number51044
Peering / NOC Contactnoc@rhe.jp

IP Address Spaces

AS51044 announces the following prefixes and/or their more-specifics. All routes originating from AS51044 have a matching route object in their respective authoritative IRR database and a valid RPKI ROA.

  • (allocated by the RIPE NCC)
  • 2a0f:600::/29 (allocated by the RIPE NCC)
  • 2407:9240:2500::/40 (sub-allocated by/borrowed from SteveYi)

Peering Policy

AS51044 has a generally open peering policy. Feel free to reach me via email and I'll gladly work it out with you!

Some of technical and operational requirements for peering with AS51044 are:

  • Peer must have a public AS number and at least one publicly routable IP address space.
  • Peer must publish emergency contact information on PeeringDB or somewhere else that is publicly accessible.
  • Peer must be able to respond to emergency matters in a timely manner.
  • Peer must register announced routes in the appropriate authoritative IRR database.
  • Peer must only send traffic destined for the prefixes announced by AS51044.
  • Peer should be willing to peer with AS51044 in all common locations.

AS51044 is currently not connected to IXPs. Hence, peering is limited to on tunnels over:

  • The IPv4/IPv6 Internet
    • In Tokyo, Japan
    • In Frankfurt, Germany
  • NTT FLET'S NGN (East)
    • In Tokyo, Japan


  • 2019-08-29: Became a RIPE NCC LIR.
  • 2019-09-03: The RIPE NCC assigned AS51044 and allocated and 2a0f:600::/29.

Last updated on 2023-12-30